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More than an ‘hour’ late, but better than never…

I know I know…the curtain came down on our last show of the spring term a week ago and I still haven’t posted any photos of the technical rehearsal as promised! Fear not, I will make up for my tardiness by sharing with you not only some interesting photos of the set and props on stage, but also of the boat being finished and a time lapse video of one of the paintcalls…it’ll be worth the wait!

Here are some photos that Jasmine took for me during one of the technical rehearsals.  You can see some of the props that have been made over the last few weeks including the crib, the stained glass window and an amazing tree stump hat (that is also a stool) made by one of our freelance prop makers Dave.  I think you’ll agree that the props looks fantastic on stage and especially under the stage lighting, designed by our third year Theatre Technology student Max Narula!

The set also looks fantastic.  Designed by Agnes Treplin and beautifully realised by the scenic construction and scenic art department. The grey textured paint effect with a concrete feel to it covers the vast amount of flattage around the space and of course the floor and the huge sloping platform that stretches into the space.  The sharp lines of this platform and the disappearing edge look brilliant under lighting as does the permanent trap built into the floor with stairs leading down.

Our new sound lecturer Andy Taylor created a time lapse of the Silk Street Theatre over the entire production period and has created this video of the first paintcall on stage.  You can see us applying a base coat of grey paint, waiting for it to dry (don’t worry it’s sped up!) before applying different shades of grey using bobby rollers to create the concrete effect.  A second layer of spray and spatter was added during another paintcall but here’s the first video to get you started…

As you can see it was a brilliant show and looked amazing, it was so nice to see out Silk Street Theatre used in such an interesting way and the selection of props that were made for the show were incredible.  Next term we have some more interesting shows and some lovely sets to work on so come back after the easter break to see more of what we get up to in Design Realisation!

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