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Sustainability in action

Here in Design Realisation we are making a constant effort to be mindful of how we dispose of our waste. Reducing the amount we waste and reusing or recycling where we can. Recently we have been making an effort to donate materials which we no longer have use for to people / places in the community.

In January we were able to donate a load of surplus paint we had in scenic art from our production of, ‘The Secret Rapture,’ to a local school for use in their art classes. Elizabeth Garrett Anderson School were very happy to receive our donation and planned to use the paint on theatre productions which they put on in the school year.


In April we were able to donate some large wooden planks that were left over from our production of, ‘The Rape of Lucretia,’ to a local adventure playground. Lumpy Hill playground is run by the Islington Play Association. This is a charity which strives to provide play areas to children who would otherwise have very limited access to outside space. The playground gives local children the opportunity to explore the outdoors by playing on in their amazing adventure playground structures, planting vegetables and building bonfires. The playground depends on donations and the staff are in the process of trying to build an additional platform for the playground and so they were very happy to receive the wood we had to offer!


We are keen to keep these donations going and I will try to keep you updated with future donations we make and how they are used, so look out for future updates.


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New life for an old set…

Posting about all the interesting things we do here in design realisation is something that I love to do; sharing photos of current projects and new processes, talking about the many talented staff and students we have in the workshops and hopefully providing some insight into the world of design realisation.  That said, it feels really good to post about something new…

In design realisation, and across the entire school, sustainability is an important topic.  We know that as a department we use a significant amount of materials and as such we create a lot of waste.  Where possible we try to recycle and reuse as much of the materials we use as outlined on our dedicated Sustainability Page.  But what about when we have a set like our final production last term, Marathon ’33?  We ordered in very specific (and very large) timber to achieve the design objects of the production which we have very little use for afterwards due to its size and the sheer quantity…

Screwing one of the large platforms together

One of the sleeping platforms

So we gave it away.  Andy, our lecturer in Construction Management got in contact with a local charity organisation called the Hackney Play Association, ‘a play development charity working to improve children and young people’s quality of life, through play’.  The Hackney Play Association were more than happy to take our timber for use in two Hackney adventure playgrounds: Homerton Grove Adventure Playground and Shakespeare Walk Adventure Playground.  They even came to collect the timber in a very ‘green’, and very quirky converted old milk cart…

Off to the playground...

It might not look that much tightly packed here but we gave away nearly a tonne of used timber from our production to be recycled into new playground equipment.  It’s so nice to think that our potential waste is being re-used in such a lovely way.  The education of future theatre professionals is of paramount importance to us here in design realisation, but it’s wonderful to think that timber our students used here will be used to help younger children learn through play in local playgrounds in London. 

Check out the wonderful work that the Hackney Play Association do at their website

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