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Another long day for the scenic art team…

Yesterday was a busy day for many Technical Theatre students at Guildhall School and design realisation students were no exception. Besides the welding going on in construction, other construction students were working on a border for a huge screen used in the production of  Blood Wedding, which they started putting onto the stage in the afternoon. 

In props, there was the usual humming of machinery, hammering of hammers and clicks of staple guns as students worked on various props for various shows. Some of the items being realised include the vintage vending machine for Toast…wait for the pictures you’ll be queueing up for a cola…a watch tower for the opera triple bill, chairs being re-upholstered and benches benches benches!

In the midst of all the noisy work surrounding them, the paintshop team were working hard measuring, marking and taping out breeze blocks for the opera triple bill. Here is Daisy and Meg, two of our third year design realisation students painstakingly drawing out the smaller blocks ready for plastering tomorrow.











The day wasn’t over for the scenic artsist though as they had an evening call on stage to continue painting the floor for Blood Wedding.  The floor, designed by Agnes Treplin is inspired by the artist Mark Rothko who has several works at Tate Modern. Take at look at his collection online or even better go along for a visit, it’s well worth a look! Here is Anges’ model for the floor which the scenic artists use continuously as a reference to meticulously match colour, shape and overall feel for the design.

The layer that the scenic artists were working on last night was the orange centre, which as you can see isn’t just an orange circle. The scenic art team had to consider how to achieve the light and dark patches, the washy edges and the stronger orange sections without loosing the depth in the red and black layers which is a characteristic of Rothko’s work. 



Here you can see Meg, Daisy and George marking out the perameters of the oval and the some of the patches ready to begin painting.

Once the marking out is done it’s ready to start painting. The painters have to keep refering back to the model and working as team to incorporate different effects and styles into the process.  There are still a couple of paint calls left to allow the scenic artist team to create the desired look, but here it is at the end of the evening; another job well done!

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