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Machinal and Opera Scenes

Much has been happening in design realisation over the past couple of months. We’ve been working on Machinal in the Silk Street Theatre and Opera Scenes (designed by our very own Giulia) over in the Milton Court Studio Theatre.


Machinal was a steel sensation! The Designer had imagined a world encased inside a giant steel cage which our students in construction did a great job of realising. The frames were made from lengths of steel which were cut and welded together, we then laid steel mesh over the frame and welded this to it.

moving steel cage   IMG_4316   

Castors were inserted into cut-outs in the frames to allow the doors to glide on and offstage.

IMG_4309  IMG_4312 IMG_4310


The paint shop was faced with the challenge of the floor which was designed to look like the guidelines from a technical drawing. It all had to be very precisely measured out according to the scenes and placement of the furniture and props. It was then marked out with chalk lines, taped off, painted and then glazed which sent us all cross eyed but looked really effective in the end.


Samples for the painted lines


So many lines!…

Props also had lots to do for the show and the team put together some great pieces!

A rather large bed unit was made and painted with a wood grain effect on the surrounding headboard and cabinets and some great art deco light fixings were added too! Props were also responsible for a series of charming desks covered with an array of interesting 1920s/30s electrical components, typewriters and  corded telephones as well as an epic sofa which made its dramatic entrance onto the set in two halves…they even threw in a kitchen sink!

IMG_0416[1] IMG_0417[1] IMG_0415[1] IMG_0351[1]

IMG_0361[1]  IMG_0363[1]  IMG_0418[1]

The Result!

IMG_4334 IMG_4347 IMG_4351



Opera Scenes

Opera Scenes was a fantastically textured and grungy expanse of blue which worked very well in the space. This set really allowed the paint shop to work it’s magic.

As usual an array of samples were put together by the team and then the chosen finishes were translated onto the set pieces.

IMG_0396[1] IMG_0357[1] IMG_0354[1] IMG_0379[1]


Steel set piece partway through having wood grain effects applied.


Flower boxes!


floor stencilling

 The sets were successful and the teams in construction, props and paint all worked really hard and achieved some amazing results. Both sets have now been struck and the workshops are preparing for the next set of shows so watch this space for a whole new set of fun and games!

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