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Another one ‘bites’ the dust…

Remember that epic cloth for the production of Three Sisters that will be opening in our new theatre at Milton court?

 Thought it was finished? Think again…

Our paint frame is massive and accommodates some colossal canvases up to 16 meters wide.  It can hold a canvas with a ‘drop’, which is the height of the cloth, of a generous 6 metres but the size of the Chekhov cloth, a massive 12 metres by 8 metres, means that the scenic art team have had to incorporate a ‘bite’ into the cloth.  A bite is when there is too much canvas to fit onto the frame so there is a section left unpainted until the entire cloth can be dropped and re-hung.  In our case, there was a 2 metre bite running along the top of the canvas that the scenic art team have been tackling this week…


These photos show the cloth being repositioned on the paint frame, re-stretched and primed ready to begin the entire process again.  

You can see here that third year Lai and her team used their grid system to ensure that the pattern on the bite matched perfectly with the rest of the cloth and the model…



Finally when the bite was complete, it was time to drop the entire canvas and fold it neatly, ready to go into storage for its debut in our new Milton Court theatre!




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