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Puppet Floyd

Hey you!

If you thought everyone would be comfortably numb at the end of term and not want to do another production, you were certainly wrong! Our first years have been putting yet another brick in the wall of work they’ve made over the year, with a puppet project based on the song ‘Matilda Mother’. They’ve been working like Crazy Diamonds, designing, building, filming and editing everything from scratch over the last two weeks, and are almost ready for their great puppet show in the sky!

So, if you like puppets, or Pink Floyd (or both!), come along to LG5, here at Silk street at 4pm today (Monday 10th July), where they’ll be exhibiting their models and screening their film on the dark side of the room!

(And don’t worry about Money- it’s completely free!)VERSION 2 POSTER


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Graduate Exhibition

Usually, those working behind the scenes don’t get much of a chance to really show off which part of a production was theirs, and get the recognition they really deserve. Luckily, we have a nice remedy for that with the Technical Theatre Graduate Exhibition! Every year, the third year students from across the board get to display the things they’ve made and worked on over their time at Guildhall, which makes a show all of itself! The event also works as a way for those in the industry to snap up the students once they graduate, and meet all the new talent that is about to enter their workshops. All in all, it was a roaring success; wine was flowing, people were mingling, and I’m sure many job offers were made.


Tom thought he’d branch out into something a little different when curating this show…


Some amazing models were on display- more like Grand Buda-Best hotel!


This brilliant work is rubbish!


Everyone from lighting, to sound to costume got involved!

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Crazy For You!



What better way to finish the term and start the summer than with the Classic western Musical “Crazy or You!”? Over the last few weeks, our students have been hard at work making the equivalent of a small village for the show- Saloon, Post office, Bar, General store, a Theatre, all we need now is Clint Eastwood! The Good, The Bad and The Ugly? More like The Good, The Cladded and the The Dirty (wash)…


This door looks particularly happy about being part of the Gaiety Theatre set


Painting up the stars of the show (literally…)

Meanwhile in the paint shop, the students were evidently inspired the June heat and created a wonderful desert back cloth, complete with mountains, shrubs and the odd distant mirage. All in all, probably the best view in all of London.


Almost like having a window in the workshop!

Things were equally busy over in props, where the students decided to try their hands at being mechanics, and made a classic car for a horde of dancers to emerge from.

First a timber frame was made and clad in MDF to create the right shape. Then, after lots of filling, sanding and routing later, the car was ready for it’s glossy finish! A basecoat of emulsion was painted on, then covered in a crystal clear resin to make the car look shiny and new- almost like the real thing!


Nice and roomy on the inside.


Also doubles up as a caravan, just in time for the holidays!


Maddie and Becca take health and safety very seriously…


No time to door-dle, the car’s almost finished!

After a hectic final week, with lots of late nights and the odd early start (as appears to be tradition with Musicals!), everything was finished and ready to go. I think everyone is now ready for a bit of a break before the start of the next school year…once we take it all down again, anyway!


Looking good after driving us crazy!


For some reason, the props departmet has no washers left… I wonder where they went?



I think the sets looked pretty amazing in general!


Can you really have a western without swinging saloon doors?

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Its been a while since the last post, but as you can imagine, its been pretty busy! Over the last couple of months the students have been busy working on an Opera, a Musical and an exhibition, as well as many other smaller events; surely just one is enough! So, expect a few more updates over then next couple of days now we actually have time to sit down and have a much needed cup of tea.

First off, Handel’s Baroque Opera “Radamisto”. As it was set in a museum, our prop students made lots of replicas of artefacts to go on display, whilst our scenic painters got something more concrete to work on…

Meanwhile, in construction, the CNC router came in very handy for carving patterns out onto MDF so the students could make decorative benches that rolled off and on the stage. (hopefully pictures coming soon!).

However, the centrepiece of the set was a large relief carving of a Babylonian army, (thankfully made of polystyrene rather than stone), which a group of students worked on alongside visiting freelancers to get the perfect finish. Once it was all put together on the stage, I’m sure it created quite an atmosphere- I can’t wait to see the final photos!


Anna and Rebecca, poly-carving out an army


Anna, hard at work on ‘Humphrey’, our new addition to the DR team.


Humphrey appears to be getting settled into being our new supervisor… hope he doesn’t get too big headed!


By the end of the opera, the scenic painters will be experts in all things concrete!


Marcus, Bethan and Spike being ‘model’ students while making a castle for the Museum, using a mix of polystyrene, MDF and a good coating of Idenden for texture.


Gold Leaf or Gold Leaves? Why not both!


Moving benches in action in front of the finished frieze.

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