It’s all go!

The beginning of the new term has brought with it three shows to prepare for and so in the workshops there has been an organised chaos of overlapping structures, artwork and props being prepared.


The first to be completed was, ‘The Secret Rapture,’ which is in the Milton Court studio theatre. Scenic art created a spectacular scarlet square with the suggestion of a black stained skyline.


The space was dressed with two custom doors which were constructed by Helen and painted in scenic art to give a worn whitewashed finish.

helen making doors  helen making doors 2

Helen creating a tenon and mortise joint using the mortiser

Helen making door framesHelen making doors 3

Helen creating the frames for the doors and fixing the hinges.



We are in the process of finishing and putting in the last few pieces for ‘Mephisto.’ This set is quite prop heavy and the props workshop is forming an interesting collection of Nazi themed items.

Sunny has been working on an intricate polycarving. The eagle is one part of three which make up the entire piece. The finished prop consists of an eagle, perched on a wreath which frames a swastika….all in good fun!

Sunny carvng eagle Sunny's Eagle (poly carving)

polycarving of wreathSunny's Golden Eagle

…and who wouldn’t want a paper bag Hitler mask?…..

Paper bag hat paper bag masks

Sneha and Oscar have been working on the painting of a large poster in scenic art for the Mephisto set which is looking great!

Sneha and Oscar tracing the poster Sneha Poster painting

They transferred the image onto a canvas using the projector this was then traced and then painted with reference to the original poster.

poster painting 2Sneha progressing with poster

The whole team in scenic art have been working on creating a tarnished bronze floor which has been a long process and has involved the application of various different painting techniques to create the final effect.

Glazing floor

glazing over the base colours

part way through floor

1st layer of tarnish is sponged on


As we approach fit up for the opera, ‘Le Donne Curiose.’ the teams in the workshops are making a final push to complete the set. The set is a great design and has a lot of beautiful and interesting elements to it which also means there is a LOT to get through. Thankfully we have some really strong 3rd year managers in the workshops and Jonathan, Alena and Sunny are cracking the whips and moving along with it all swiftly.

The focus in construction over the last couple of weeks has been making six double sided flats which combine to make the two revolving wall sections for the set.

Alena routing flats double sided plated flat flattage

These have now been completed and handed over to scenic art which has quickly transformed into a psycadellic city with the transfer of Yanis’ 70’s inspired patterns onto the walls.

wall samples

These are the samples of the wall patterns.

dry brushing texture  black, white, red print blck, white, red print 2

begining blue bedroom walls blue bedroom walls

Transferring the patterns onto the walls.

It is all go in the workshops at the moment as everyone pushes to get everything ready for next week, there is a lot to do but spirits are high and everyone is working really hard. So on that note I should get stuck in! Until next time 🙂


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