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We have just come to the end of our associated studies module with our first year students. This module aims to enable our students to gain some hands on experience in areas of technical theatre not already covered in their chosen pathways.

Over the two week  module our students have managed to develop their skills across all three areas of design realisation and have produced some really amazing work considering it was the first time many of them had worked in the workshops.


Here our some of our first years learning to use the bench saw, cross-cut (radial arm saw) and the wall saw (vertical panel saw) in our construction workshop.

Learning to use the Bench Saw  Learning to use the Vertical Panel Saw    

They then applied their newly acquired skills to the constructing of flats and treads for our opera.

image4 fixing plates with staple gun treads

In props our students were introduced to our machines with a ‘jewellery tree’ project. They were set the tricky challenge of cutting out their shapes on the band saw and had to assemble and refine their pieces using a variety hand tools. They also had a session to guide them through the ‘magic’ that can be created through paint effects and had a go at some marbling techniques.

Having been instructed through the use of the machinery and how to develop different paint effects, they were set the task of creating their own prop.

Here are a few examples of their work in progress.

jewelery tree miniature chest painting effects radio Stationery organisor

paint effects1paint effects2

In scenic art things got wonderfully messy! The students were set the task of reproducing a small section of a scale model, which consisted of an area of brick wall with a concrete bottom and a wooden hatch. They were shown examples of how each surface texture could be achieved using artex, rubber crumb, and sawdust, before being given the reigns on their own full scale pieces.

It was great watching the textures develop.

brick texture with artex  priming texture work  creating brick texture

After the texturing and priming their walls they then had the challenge of recreating the surface colours using different painting techniques.

adding colour to wall base colours for wall finished wall painting finished wall stencil


The finished pieces…

finished walls

The workshops across DR are in full swing now, with fit ups through the next two weeks, as we prepare for our two productions so keep an eye out for updates on how it’s all going.

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