Week six and some clowning around…

It’s the end of week 6 now, half way through the term and for our second year students exactly half way through their degrees! As you’ve seen the last 6 weeks have been pretty busy and all of the staff and students have been working hard creating some amazing productions here at the Guildhall School.  The set for Pinocchio is in the theatre, and bar a few touch-ups of paint and little tweaks to the set it is finished.  The props department have been working hard this week adding the finishing touches to the last few props for show.  Before I get a photo of the props usually they have been whisked away by a stage manager ready to be put on the set or worn by an actor but I managed to catch a few props in the latter stages of making including the Pinocchio hair, the Fox’s mask, the boat, the swimming Pinocchio, the Owl mask and the finished puppets in all their glory! Of course these pictures barely scratch the surface of what the prop’s department has been up to…

Meanwhile, in the paintshop, one of our third year students Jennie Leech has been showing off her hard work and skills in her Graduation Project.  This circus themed ‘cut out’ carnival board (the sort of thing you see at the seaside…but waaay bigger!) was part of a six week project that Jennie designed and made herself.  Here is Jennie with her finished piece:

Jennie and her project

We all had great fun yesterday, clowning around with Jennie’s interactive project; the moving trunk, balloons and bursting through sign are all 3D elements that add another dimension to the piece and complete with newly composed circus themed music the whole paintshop was transformed!  Jennie took photos of everyone who got involved and so I thought it was only fair to post a few of them here…especially the ones with technical theatre staff in…

If you missed it, you missed a treat but I think you’ll agree it looks fabulous! 

Well that’s it for another week, on to week 7 next and our next show.  There’s just one more thing to say…this is the 100th post on the Design Realisation Blog and part of me has been wondering for a while what I was going to post; should it be something more fun or interesting? Maybe something completely different?  But then I thought, you can’t get much more different than a load of staff and students having a laugh and joking around, all the while showing off the work of one of our third year students! So that’s what I decided, post 100 would be just like normal, lots of photos and hopefully something a bit different every time.  Thanks for being one of the 31,300 viewers so far, as always I’m blown away by the response and support of the blog…come back soon! Abi

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2 thoughts on “Week six and some clowning around…

  1. Brilliant blog, illuminating and lots of visuals! This Design Realisation blog led directly to the set of Pinocchio going to Suffolk to become the set for Lionel Bart’s Oliver! at the New Wolsey Theatre, Ipswich in June. It will be used in the rehearsal studio next week. Better than scrapping it for recycling or landfill!

    Oliver! is staged by a leading youth musical theatre group, the Co-op Juniors Theatre Company, which has have a sustainability and recycling policy led by their technical director, Alan Ayres.
    He has a close relationship with Scenery Salvage for re-using set elements from theatre, TV and film, and acquired the double-level steel-framed set from the Open Air Theatre’s Hello Dolly to convert into a Christmas Spectacular set, and the Olympics Opening Ceremony oak tree to become an enchanted forest. Creativity at work!

    “I was hugely impressed by the quality of scenic artist painting on the Pinocchio set,” he said. “It’s a tribute to the creativity of the students. The set is perfect for Oliver! and the Mill Town scaled ground-row will now reappear as a London background in Oliver!”

    • Hi Alan, thanks for your nice comment about the blog and the work we do here at the Guildhall School; all of the students (and staff!) in design realisation and indeed across the whole technical theatre department work very hard to produce high quality productions. I’m glad that our opera set is going to be put to good use- we would love to see a photo of the scenery in use to share with our followers! We care very much about sustainabily here too so it’s so nice to know that another one of our sets are being re-used for such a good cause. Cheers, Abi

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