Last week of the academic year: lots to see and do…

Well it’s the last week of the term and as usual there’s no stopping the design realisation department! Our 2013 musical is up and running in the theatre and looking amazing whilst the workshops are still filled with students working on their end of term personal projects- a chance to try out new materials and processes and make something not required for a production. It’s always a great part of the term as so many different snippets of projects are taking shape and it’s a real chance to see the different personalities that make up our student body; there’s everything from magic wands fresh out of a Harry Potter movie, to fine art paintings that will hopefully brighten up the Guildhall School foyer next term.

We’ve also been busy outside of the workshops too (yes we do leave the workshops occasionally!)…
Our third year students, along with the rest of the graduating technical theatre students, have been working hard on the first ever Graduate Exhibition, hopefully the first of an annual event that will celebrate the work of our graduating year group. We are lucky enough to be exhibiting our work in the Barbican Art Gallery next door which is a wonderful space to be in; the clean walls and museum style layout is such a lovely platform for showing off the work of our students and of course as with anything related to the design realisation department…give us a blank canvas and we will make a work of art in no time! I am proud to say that all of our graduating design realisation students are exhibiting and as usual their work looks amazing, it’s a real opportunity to see some of the work from our productions up close and talk to our students. The exhibition is open to the public Wednesday between 11:00 and 15:30 on level 3 of the Barbican Centre in the Art Gallery with 22 our our graduating students exhibiting. Photos to follow…I don’t want to spoil the surprise!

Of course that’s not all. Waiting in the wings (well, back in the workshops) are our first year design realisation students with their puppetry project. At the end of every term our first year students work on an independent project to showcase some of the skills they have learnt during the term and to learn new skills that they can take forward onto new tasks. The summer term project is a puppetry project where the students are given a story or a song to animate. They have to design and build the sets, make and manipulate the puppets, edit and produce a film…all in two weeks! The viewing of their film is tomorrow between 11:00 and 13:00 in the design realisation workshops so come on down and have a look at all their hard work! I’ll be sure to put up some photos and the video soon, again not before the official viewing tomorrow!

There’s something quite poetic about this week. Our first year of Design Realisation students are preparing to enter the industry; they are exhibiting their work in Europe’s largest multi arts venue, on the cusp of their new and exciting careers, enjoying their last few days of life at the Guildhall School and preparing for their future as professionals. Meanwhile, our eager and enthusiastic first years are coming to the end of their first year of study at the Guildhall School; ready to take up their second year roles and spending their last week of term showcasing how far they have come in such a short academic year. It won’t be long until our first year students are exhibiting their final work in their own Graduate Exhibition…there’s a lovely symmetry in that that I find quite moving. But for now let’s enjoy 4 more days of the summer term 2013; showing off the hard work and extraordinary talent of our students, be it to an informal audience of peers in the workshop, or an invited group of industry professionals in the Barbican Art Gallery.

Well done everyone, as usual it’s so easy to blog about the design realisation department. Sorry there aren’t any photos this time, hope the words are enough for today…


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