A week in the Silk Street Theatre…

Well it is the end of week four in the summer term and that only means one thing: preparations for this term’s opera are well and truly under way.  The set for the upcoming opera, Owen Wingrave, has been fitting up in the Silk Street theatre this week and is looking pretty good.  Here’s what the construction team have been up to this week…

There are a lot of components that make up the set for this opera production, the main one being the long traverse stage that stretches into the auditorium with a large platform built up with treads at the stage end. The parquet flooring which has been painted black by the scenic art team has been laid on the steeldeck stage with a broken jagged edge at one end. Other important elements include a grave near the centre of the long platform, a huge frame (and a secret element or two that you will have to wait and see) near the back of the set, as well as two huge projections screens at either side of the set. It’s been a busy week with a lot of people helping and it has been lovely having our first year students working on the production.

The scenic art team have been busy too this week; continuing their work on the production of May 08 at the Bridewell Theatre which opens tomorrow as well as working on Owen Wingrave…lots of black and gloss glaze to give the set its high gloss finish. The team tackled the parquet floor during a paintcall on stage this week, adding texture to some of the tiles with an idenden mixture. The floor will get its high gloss glaze early tomorrow morning so I will be sure to get some photos of it when it is done.

It hasn’t just been a busy week for the scenic construction and scenic art team, the props department have been working hard on the pheasants and rabbit for the opera. Every time I walk past there is something new and interesting happening in the props department so I will make sure I get some photos of props taking shape, as well as the finished set this week.

That’s a lot of work, and we are only four weeks into the term! Stay tuned for all the goings on of another busy week ahead…

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2 thoughts on “A week in the Silk Street Theatre…

  1. Barry Ife

    This is extremely fascinating and makes me look forward to the production even more. I think this term I will see it four times. I really enjoy this blog so keep it up!


    • Thank you Barry. As always a lot of hard work goes into our amazing operas, so it’s easy to blog about! Should be another brilliant show with a few surprises in store too! Thanks, Abi

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