Picture of the week…

Not the most fascinating or captivating of photos granted, but here is a shot of the scenic art team showing some old scenic cloths to an artist for a potential project.  I like how the crisp, modern façade of the ‘Figaro’ set (our current Opera on its down day) is seen waiting in the shadows whilst old cloths from previous shows are laid out for scrutiny. 

 The productions here at the Guildhall School, and indeed in many theatres, have such a short shelf life.  Soon weeks and weeks of hard work gets disassembled and striped ready for the skip or recycling.  Such is the short-lived magic of theatre.

 Yet here, a little glimpse of the mystery and excitement of theatre remain in the scenic cloths laid out, lobbying for their chance in the spotlight once more.

 So in fact I find it both fascinating, and captivating.

 But that might just be me…

Cloths laid out

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