The doors of the Silk Street theatre open to the public this evening for the first production of Le nozze de Fiagro.  For those of you who are lucky enough to get tickets let me tell you, you are in for a real treat! I saw a dress rehearsal the other day and it was spectacular and such a brilliant example of how talented the students are here at the Guildhall School. 

If you are going then you will see what the design realisation department have been working on for the last few weeks.  Look out for Hannah’s painted logo near the start, the bed, trees, office desk, flag pole eagles and Adirondack chair which show the diverse skills of the props team and of course the sleek and crisp main scenic component, the huge truck, which looks so nice under the stage lighting.  A good job, well done I’m sure you’ll agree. I’d love to hear your feedback too so leave a comment if you want…

Meanwhile, ‘back at the ranch’ the department have moved on to the next shows in line for the rest of the term.  We have two productions coming up: The Laramie Project and Opera Scenes which is being designed this term by our very own third year Design Realisation student Nancy Nicholson. 

The props department have started work on some rocks for Opera Scenes which have to be strong enough to stand on.  Here is George cutting down pieces of polystyrene ready to glue to his rock piece which has plywood box as a core to add structure and strength.  Lai is carving her rock, adding texture and forming an organic shape. 

 George cutting polystyrene for his rock Lai carving her rock

It’s a long process but they should look very good when they’re are finished.  This half of the term the props department are also making 10 pairs of feathered wings for the Laramie Project (among other things!) so we should get some interesting photos of these being made…and i’m sure we will start to see feathers everywhere!

The scenic art team have been working on samples for opera scenes and the Laramie Project.  The set for the Laramie Project, designed by Libby Watson, consists of a series of platforms at different levels all with aged planks on.  Painted onto the wooden planks are various signs and images such as the well-known coca cola lettering which have faded and worn.  Here are some samples ready to be approved by Libby. 

Sample of planks for Laramie Sample of signage lettering for Laramie

To create the lettering on the set at a later date, the scenic art team will have to work fast so they have prepared a series of ‘pounces’. A pounce is a bit like a stencil which is used to transfer a simple image or outline onto a canvas or flat for example.  The outline is drawn onto the pounce material- in our case heavy duty tracing paper- and then perforated with a spiked wheel.  When the pounce is ready to use, charcoal (or other powders depending on what you are doing) is rubbed into the tiny holes made by the wheel.  When the pounce is removed, a faint dotty outline remains on the set, ready to be painted.  Here, Jennie and Katie start work on some of the pounces neeed…

Jennie working on pounce Katie working on pounce

The rest of the department are busy starting work on the Laramie Project, drafting pieces of scenery to build, ordering materials and planning planning planning! More photos to come as things start being realised next week.

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