Figaro Fit-up

The Silk Street Theatre and the Scenic Construction workshops have been a furiously busy this week as the fit-up for Le nozze de Figaro continues. The main focus over the last few days has been the enormous truck light box that tracks from downstage to upstage. Here are some photos of the main truck being constructed…

The truck was built in situ with tracks laid onto the stage floor and MDF sheets laid around it to raise the floor level up to the height of the track. The main base of the truck consists of laddered sections of steel welded together with cross bracing sections. This base holds a series of steel decks with small ‘feet’ bolted into the leg sockets of the deck and welded to the base section. The steel base is strong enough to support a 2 foot overhang at the front to give the impression of the box floating in space and the truck also has double castors at the front to make allowances for the additional weight. The truck been laid with thin MDF sheets to provide a clean and smooth surface for the scenic art team to paint to match with the rest of the gloosy white finish of the box. To ensure that the truck runs smoothly in a straight line, a steel guide has been secured to the stage which will work alongside two pairs of castors mounted on their sides and secuired to the centre underside of the truck. The wheels will run along this guide rail to counteract any sideways movement to keep the truck safely on track.

The side walls of the truck form part of the light box illusion. They have been constructed from box steel which has been welded together and clad with MDF and have been built in three pieces and bolted together in the space. The insides of these sections have been filled with flourescent lighting and LED’s so a lot of co-ordination between the construction department and the lighting team has taken place to ensure there are sufficient fixings available to support the various lights required. The front of these sections have been clad with Opal perspex which looks glossy and white (matching the paint finish of the box) under normal lighting but translucent when lit from behind.

The roof section of the box has been constructed in three large sections in the same way as the side walls, with a steel core and clad with MDF and timber. Getting the pieces into position required the help of the production management team to help hoist each section into the air, move the truck so that it aligns underneath and then lower the ceiling into position to be bolted into place.

There are still elements to be added such as the top of the ceiling to hide the steel structure as well as doors and skirting for example but I think you’ll agree that for now it’s looking pretty impressive!

More photos of the finishing stages coming up as well as all the intersting things happening in the props department…

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2 thoughts on “Figaro Fit-up

  1. Barry Ife

    This all looks amazing and I am really looking forward to seeing the finished work. Well done.

    • Thank you Barry. Some brilliant work has gone into this production, not just within Design Realisation but across the whole of the Technical Theatre Arts course, and the rest of the school as well I’m sure. I am looking forward to seeing all of the components come together for another fantastic Guildhall School production!

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