All hands on deck!

With the fit-up deadline for Le nozze de Figaro just around the corner the design realisation workshops have been a wee bit busy to say the least…

The construction department have been welding and cladding the huge walls and ceiling pieces for the ‘box truck’ which have now been painted white and are having a high gloss glaze coat to resemble a melamine finish.  All of the pieces have a steel frame core and are clad in timber and MDF so the process is a long and arduous one.  Still there is one way of getting people to laugh even when it’s been a long day- tell them to look serious when you take a picture of them! Jo managed to keep his concentration more than Anna did, but they’re both doing a great job cladding one of the ceiling pieces here.

The scenic art department are also working on a BP screen which will form the size of a soft-sided lorry.  Hannah has been painting a large logo onto the screen which she sampled last week and I must say I think it looks wonderful! Here are some photos of her work in progress:

The props team have been once again making too many things for me to keep track of! With the 7 meter long trees out of the way the department can focus on making all of the other props for the show.  One of the props that I caught in progress was Lisa’s eagle.  Two of these figures are being made to adorn the tops of some flagpoles which have a lovely gold finish.  I caught some photos of Lisa working on the mould and one of the pieces cast in a plastic casting resin.  They are going to look beautiful when they are finished. 

As well as the teams of second and third year students working in the design realisation department, we have also had the help of some of our first year students too on their ‘production carousel’ where they get chance to put some of their skills into action working on props and scenery for the productions.  More serious faces…

Well it’s clear that the looming deadline has not taken the fun out of the work; there is still a lot to achieve in a short space of time but I am looking forward to getting some nice shots of the finished set.  Fit up starts officially for us tomorrow so keep an eye out for some more interesting photos…


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One thought on “All hands on deck!

  1. giulia

    it was nice seeing some pictures of these weeks!nice blog as always Abi!miss the workshop and you guys,If nothing happened and I feel good I will be see you on Monday!good luck for the fit up!!!

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