A ‘dill-ightful’ Christmas ‘tree…t’!

Here’s one I made earlier…

Well for those of you who don’t know me personally, there are two things I should tell you:

Firstly, I hate being late. I can’t stand being late for anything, or forgetting to do things on time.

Secondly, I love Christmas and everything to do with it!

 So I am very disappointed in myself for forgetting to upload the following post, not least because I had written it all and taken all the photos and because it contains some more examples of some of our students’ excellent work.  However, I hope you will forgive me because I got caught up in all the festive goings-on at Guildhall School and beyond…

 So please think back to the 30th of November, before the smell of turkey and the taste of Christmas pudding took over your senses, and read the post below as intended, ignoring my very tardy blogging, with my apologies!

Well it’s the last day of November and Christmas cheer is surging its way through the corridors of the Guildhall School.  There’s no way of avoiding it today as the annual Christmas Festival is in full swing.  The festival is an entirely student led collaboration celebrating the range of talent across the entire school and is organised this year by Henry Rivers, one of our third year technical theatre students.  There’s a full schedule of exciting events in every nook and cranny of the school today and even Santa Claus has turned up to spread some joy…although I must say he does look a lot like second year TT student Sam Gosling!

The Christmas Festival means that it is the last official day of the autumn term for our technical theatre students.  I can’t believe 12 weeks have passed already since we welcomed this year’s new cohort of students onto the course; they’ve settled in so well they already feel like they’ve been here for years!

As usual our dedicated students are working right up to the last minute.  Two of our third year design realisation students have been working hard on their Graduation Projects which they completed this week, strangely both are involving trees…

Meg Courage has designed and built a modern Christmas tree display for the Barbican Centre (literally next door!) which is being used as the main display stand for their pop-up Christmas shop.  The tree, which has been crafted entirely from reclaimed materials, is made from old wooden pallets and aluminium ducting, accented by a lime green trim to complement the Barbican’s bright colours scheme.  The tree is a modern, industrial take on the traditional Christmas tree and certainly looks impressive in the Barbican’s foyer.  Do take a look if you fancy some Christmas shopping or just to see Meg’s tree in all its glory…

Megan's tree

Ellie Pit meanwhile has been working hard on her own Graduation Project, another tree, but this time quite a bit smaller…

Ellie's Tree

Ellie decided to recreate a tree from the Cartoon Network program ‘Adventure Time’ designing a life-like miniature version of the original cartoon image such that could be used in a film adaptation.  The model, which would be a 1:50 scale model of a full size set has been designed and constructed in a similar way to the models used on films such as Harry Potter, for sweeping footage of the entirety of Hogwarts for example.

Ellie's tree 2

Looking closely at the model it’s clear that Ellie has focused a great deal on the intricate little details such as the well and the boat to name but a few.  An especially creative choice of Ellie’s is the use of dill for the willow leaves- not only does it look very realistic, it smells heavenly!

Ellie's tree 3

The level of work shown by both Ellie and Megan is such a good representation of the high quality work that all of our students produce.  I can’t wait for next term to see what other amazing things our design realisation students work on.  Have a wonderful Christmas everyone, get lots of rest for the New Year is bound to be a busy one…

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