Viva Las Vegas!

Things are starting to take shape in the design realisation workshops as the scenic art paintshop is slowly transformed into an oasis of bright colours and even brighter lights.  Small pieces of scenery have morphed into large flats that dominate the space, piles of neatly stacked steel deck have been bolted together to form a stage and bit by bit the design realisation project is edging closer to completion ahead of the official unveiling and viewing on Monday afternoon. 


The last two days have been a bit busy to say the least, here’s what we’ve done…

 The Welcome to Las Vegas cloth has been injected with colours as ultraviolet paints have been sprayed onto it to create a glowing effect that under blacklights is sure to look mesmerising. 


The plain green flattage that make up two walls of a Las Vegas hotel room have been finished with wallpaper panels and mouldings.  All of the mouldings have been nailed in place with mitres cut on the ends that join so that when the two flats are put together they create a neat and seamless join- as you would expect in a fine Las Vegas hotel room!


The balcony has been assembled and fixed in place and the marble floor has been laid ready to have the rug put down next week.  The walls have been sprayed into to give them a bit more life and to make the room look more realistic and ‘lived-in’ and pictures now adorn the walls.  The next step is to start populating the rest of painshop with the hotels and the Las Vegas skyline so the finishing touches of glitter and sparkle are being added.


Interesting in seeing more? Fancy a trip to Las Vegas and back in your tea break on Monday? Staff and students at the Guildhall School are welcome to come down and take a look at our fabulous DRP project next Monday, the 26th from 3:30. 

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3 thoughts on “Viva Las Vegas!

  1. Barry Ife

    This is a brilliant blog. I’m glad to see that our hard-earned budgets are being put to good use!

  2. Thanks for your comment, I hope it provides some insight into the fabulous work the students (and staff!) produce down here in the design realisation workshops!

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