Can you guess what it is yet?

Week 11 kicks off at a speedy pace today with all of the design realisation workshops whirring with the sound of machinery, the steady hum of the paint bridge moving up and down…and the odd Christmas song sneaking its way onto the radio.  Christmas might be just around the corner but there’s another event in the design realisation calendar that holds more charm than good old St Nick at the moment; the Design Realisation Project, lovingly known as the DRP…

 This year’s DRP is designed by Pat Shammon, our Props Lecturer and is aimed at giving the 1st year design realisation students a small scale (yet equally big!) design to fully realise.  The project means the students need to draw on the skills that they have learnt this term as well as learning a lot of new techniques and processes. 

 As is tradition with the DRP, we are keeping the entirety of the design a secret for now, although it will inevitably leak out before the big unveiling I’m sure.  Good job it’s only a week away then so we don’t have to hold our tongues for long…

 One element of this year’s DRP is a beautiful night sky. 

Kim, Sophie and Clare have been working very hard on their first scenic cloth; stretching the canvas onto the paint frame, priming the canvas, accurately marking out the horizon and the lines of lights and finally using fine paintbrushes and spray guns to achieve the finished effect.  It looks stunning not only under normal lighting but, because it’s painted in ultraviolet paint, it really comes to life when lit by a black light!

Another theme of the DRP is marble.  Both Anna and Giulia have been learning about marbling techniques this week which involves building up layers of paint and glazes.  They’ve been forming a textured foundation using scrunched up plastic bags and sweeps of paint, creating swirls of movement by ‘puddling’ watery paint onto this base and adding detail by finely veining onto the top surface, all topped off with a rich coat of gloss glaze to bring add shine and bring out the feeling of depth and realism.  Anna is working on the floor section and Giulia is focussing on the balcony, both of which are completely different but utilise a similar set of skills. 


So you’ve seen the sky cloth and the marble…any ideas what our DRP could be this year? One thing is certain; it’s going to be spectacular! Keep an eye out for more photos this week…

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