The hard work continues…

That’s it, week four down only 8 left until the end of term, and we still have two more massive shows to build. The opera triple bill fits-up next friday which is officially when the set makes its way onto the stage and is fitted ready for the show. It’s a long process in itself but we still have a long way to go before we get there…

This is where we are up to:

Construction have moved on to the biggest piece of scenery for the opera, a colossal bridge which spans 14 meters of the stage and is going to be flown. Before the welding begins all of the steel needs to be marked out with bolt holes drilled so that it can be both bolted and welded in place.

It’s a precise task but George is doing a good job of marking everytrhing out and Will is drilling away with equal precision. Well done boys.

The scenic art team are working on a mixture of things for the opera including signs…(this one is by Max)

Woodgraining panels for the floor of the bridge…(Here’s Daisy using a rag to create the woodgrain effect with Tara)

And creating the plaster finish on the police wall flat with artex…(Emily, Max and Vanessa showing the team how it’s done!)

Watch out for the paint effect on the police wall flat and the all of the detailed signs for the opera that will be appearing in the paintshop next week!

The props department are also working on several things at once. Ellie is putting the finishing touches on to her vintage vending machine. Remember the grimey wall for the poduction of Toast at the Bridewell? Well this is going to look great in front of it, once it’s had a ‘dirty down’ spray to give it some more character.

Hannah has been working hard on her mouldings for the decorative frames. She’s moved onto the corner sections now so next week we should have some nice photos of the cast pieces in place.

Also going on in the props department, Mimi has been doing a great job of re-upholstering the chairs for the opera…

They look really good and the skills Mimi has learnt working on the chairs will be very valuable for her career in the theatre industry.

Stay tuned next week for the final push to get the opera ready…it’s going to be a busy one so I hope the students (and staff!) get some rest this weekend.

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